David DeVere
I'm the guy who created this little site and all the graphical stuff in it. I built the site in Dreamweaver 3.0, with an occasional under-the-hood tweak of the HTML by hand and all the graphics were created in Photoshop. And I'm a PC guy in case you're wondering. I tried to provide as much original material as I could from my own personal experience in Xingyiquan, in addition to my research.

Felipe Bido
Although I've never met him in person, I consider Felipe to be one of my closest Xingyi brothers. He is a disciple of Master Deng Fu Xing in the Dominican Republic. His dedication to this art has helped make this site what it is. He provided many never-before-seen pictures and wrote material for the stuff I don't have experience in yet, such as many of the 12 Animals, Wu Xing Sheng Ke, Za Shi Chui, the "Fighting," section, the Masters' history and general overall help with site info. I take this opportunity to thank him for making this site complete.

Shun Quan
Shun is Gong Zhong Xiang's top disciple. Because Master Gong doesn't speak any English, much of what I learn and am taught is through Shun's interpretation. His love for the internal styles are driven by an innate passion and it is more than an honor to be learning under him. He wrote the "Nei jia and Wei Jia" section and also the section on Master Chu Gui Ting.

Dr. Kenneth Fish
Kenneth Fish learned Xingyi and Gao style Bagua from Master Zhang Junfeng. Master Zhang was a student of Li Cunyi and Gao Yisheng, and was one of the best known teachers from mainland China teaching in Taiwan. Dr. Fish formerly worked in the military and in the intelligence community. He left the government in 1989, and opened the Iron Buddha kung fu school, where he teaches Xingyi and Shaolin in a traditional manner. He is trained in both Western & Chinese medicine, and currently runs his own clinic in Gaithersburg, Maryland. He has graciously allowed me to feature many of the articles he's written for various martial arts magazines here on the site."

Tadzio Goldgewicht
Tadzio is a 4th generation practioner of Che style Xingyiquan, Bu clan. He translated and contributed the section on Master Che Yong Hong, whose style he practices, which is from the book "Shanxi Xin Yi Liu He Quan." His lifelong devotion and no-nonsense approach to the arts makes him a great addition to the handful of experienced internalists that contribute to the message boards.

Darius Edler
Darius has added quite a bit of intelligent knowledge to the message board here at emptyFlower. He's a welcome addition to have around here to contribute to the internal arts discussion. He wrote the excellent sections on masters Chen Pan Ling and Wang Shu Jin and provided the pictures as well. He continues to provide me with pictures and information which helps the site to grow.

  Brian Kennedy
Thanks to Brian, I've been able to get my hands on some really great material for the site. He lives in Taiwan and is always on the lookout for good neijia books from the island itself.

Tom Campbell
Tom's been a visitor to the site since it's early days and has been the unseen invaluable wisdom beside the curtain ever since. From links to books to videos to advice to swords, Tom's generousity is unmatched. The numerous martial arts media, info or books he's sent me over the last couple years has been worked into the site for the greater whole. Thanks, Tom!