Chinese-related web pages with a focus on Chinese language learning for English speakers. Has a great audio section to hear the Mandar anlanguage.

The BWG Update

This is an amusing and informative journal of a Candian "big white guy" living in Hong Kong. Read about what it's really like to live there.

Chinese Mandarin Language
You can learn (and hear) basic expressions in Chinese Mandarin language, the standard language of China and Taiwan.

Wade-Giles to Pinyin Converstion Table

Pinyin to Wade-Giles Conversion Table

Original I Ching
A great site on the thousands year old oracle, the I-Ching, or "Book of Changes."

China Guide
Online store for acupuncture, Tui Na, learn Chinese, herbs, books, multimedia, audio/video and more.

Taura's Asia
"A pictorial guide to pretty much everything I've done in Asia " is how Seattle slick girl Taura puts it. ;) Also contains an extensive link archive on everything from politics to music in China.