Shaolin Gung Fu Institute
In my opinion, the finest and most thorough Shaolin site on the net. Not only does this site explore the history and styles of the infamous temples, but it takes a close look at the philosophy of Taoism and Buddism.

World Eagle Claw Association
A nice site dedicated to the Eagle Claw system of gongfu.
Site features the teachings of Grandmaster Lau Fat Mang.

A Flash site focusing on Bushibi, the origin of the Chinese arts that many Japanese styles derived from.

FuJian White Crane Resource
An English Flash site focusing on both hard and soft styles of White Crane. Has some nice articles and a nice layout.

Shaolin Home Page
A great Shaolin page from the Netherlands with lots of intelligent info and and an excellent photo section.

Bushido Online Magazine
I linked to the gong fu section, which I found to be a good overview on external gong fu styles, and also graphically very nice.'s Guide to Martial Arts
A great online magazine guide to all styles of martial arts.

Shaolin Wahnam Institute Website

Some interesting articles by Shaolin Sifu Wong Kiew Kit such as the practical applications of gong fu, qi gong and tai ji.
An excellent site on the art that Bruce Lee made popular to the world. This site is best I've seen on Wing Chun...nicely laid out, easy to navigate and loads of information.

Chinese Styles
A big list of links to Chinese martial arts sites. Have a go at it...

EMB Kung Fu Academy
Info packed site featuring a discussion board, San Shou, articles and pics. School located in Southern California.

Shaolin Temple
A nice little site with info on the infamous Shaolin arts. Check out the cool gallery section.