Chen Style Taijiquan Web Resource
Loads of information and intelligently put together. Lots of quicktime video clips of the original Tai Ji style in action. Nice design too.

Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan
The official web site of the Yang style as represented by Yang Zhenduo (Yang Chengfu's third son) and his grandson, Yang Jun.

Chen Style Taijiquan
Chen style Taijiquan-based teachings of Feng Zhiqiang and Hong Junsheng.

Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming's site.

Cheng Man Ching
A site devoted to the late Taiji master Cheng Man Ching.

Tai Chi World
Erle Montaigue's site. Lots of video ordering info.

Tai Chi Wu Shu Institute
Austrailian-based school.

Yongquan Tai Chi Chuan Association
Based in the UK and offering tuition in: Lam style short form (based on old Yang style) Tai Chi Chuan, Push hands, Shao Chao, Choy Li Fut (Pak Sing), Chinese straight sword, Pole, Self Defense and more!

Cheng Poon
Belgian site about teacher Yvan Cheng Poon. Also in English, French & Dutch.

TaiChi Tao Center
TaiChi resource site of author/teacher Master Waysun Liao.

The White Cloud Sanctuary - Academy of tai chi and gongfu. A Mountain Retreat in Costa Rica.