NOTE: Many of these sites focus on the other Chinese internal arts such as Baguazhang & Taijiquan.

China From Inside
Excellent site! Jarek lives in China and provides info you can't get here in the West. It's one of my favorite sites on the internals... check here for excellent articles on all your favorite Chinese internal arts!

Hsing-I Martial Arts Institute
This site is devoted to the Internal Arts of HsingI (XingYi), PaKua (BaGua) and TaiChi (TaiJi). Instructional Videos, Articles from the HsingI Journal, Pictures, MPEG Video Clips, etc. can be found at this site.
Shanxi Xingyiquan straight from China. A no-nonsense approach to the art with articles, videos, pictures and online store.

Joseph Crandall's Smiling Tiger Martial Arts
Translator/teacher Joe Crandall's rare texts on Xingyiquan, Baguazhang and other arts; also some interesting articles. His contributions to the martial arts community is priceless. I highly recommend his books, I have many of them myself.

Pan Gen - translated by Joseph Crandall

Shen Wu
Author/teacher Tim Cartmell's website. An excellent detailed explanation on the 3 internals in an easy to understand text. Also features a popular message board with posts from Tim himself.

Nine Little Heavens Internal Kung Fu
Sifu James McNeil's school site - located in Rainbow, CA - Offering intensive courses in Hsing-I, Chen Tai Chi, and splashing hands kung fu.

Hsing-Chen Internal Martial Arts
Southern California author/teacher John Bracy's site. Quicktime videos of Chinese masters performing internal arts. I get lots of hits from his site ... so do him the favor and visit.

Plum Flower Press
THE best place to order authentic books and videos on the Chinese internal martial arts.

Internal Strength
Resources for Internal Martial Arts. Excellent articles written by experienced martial arts.

Chi Flow
Dedicated to the Practice and Cultivation of Energy Through Internal Arts.

Liu De Ming's School of Wushu
Austrailian site featuring Master Liu De Ming - a 5th generation inheritor of the Liu He Zi Ran Men lineage.

The Wushu Centre
Canadian site focusing on the internal arts. Contains some photos, links to clubs and a very cool excerpt from 'Li Tianji's The Skill of Xingyiquan" which includes a step-by-step walk-through of Xingyi's Lianhuan, or "Five Element Connected Fist."

Brazilian Association of Xing Yi Quan
Site featuring Xingyi combat applications by Marcello Teixeira of Brazial. Great pics and videos for downloading. In Portuguese and English.

Shen Lung Hsing-I
Website of Xingyiquan instructor John Price; located in Redding, CA.

Adam Hsu Kung Fu
Information & instruction in the Northern kung fu styles, weapons, usage and qigong, taught by Sifu Adam Hsu. School located in Cupertino, CA.

San Shan Dao - Three Mountain Way
A school of Chinese internal martial arts specializing in the systems of Xing Yi, Ba Gua, I-Chuan, and Liangong based in Toronto, Ontario Canada.
A xingyiquan site by an instructor in Florida. Lots of great, in-depth articles on the fists, Eight Piece Brocade, Red Palm Qigong and more.

New York school of Wang Rengang. Master Wang Teaches Dachengquan, Northern Mantis, Chinese weapons, Xingyi, Bagua, and San Da in Manhattan and East Elmhurst, Queens.