The Beijing Institute of YiQuan Martial Art
Informative site on Yiquan
based in Beijing. Offers correspondence course training in the art along with detailed info on the history, lineage and masters.

Yiquan Online
Loads of great info on this site. Clean layout.

Yi Quan

Yi Quan is an iternal art related to Xing Yi. It's known for it's excellent health benefits, but like Tai Ji, is an effective fighting art.

Intergral Chuan Institute
Ch'i Kung, I-Ch'uan, and T'ai-Chi Ch'uan as taught by Sifu Fong Ha.

Yiquan Kung-Fu
Lots of info - site by Andrzej Kalisz, student of famous master Yao Chengguang.

Yiquan UK
UK site - articles, theory, history & glossary.

Academy of Chinese Arts. Netherlands-based site with lessons taught in Amsterdam.