-- Video
Baguazhang by Zhu Baozhen
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  -- Training & Applications
Splitting Hairs about Pi Quan
Mutations - Xingyi Techniques
A Powerful Style of Combat
Stance & Footwork (PDF)
Military Xingyi
Practicing All 3 Internal Arts
The Power of Pi
The Power of Beng
San Ti Shi Excercise

-- Theory & Principles
Defining Internal Gongfu
Reality Check
Martial Arts for Health
What is A Complete System?
What to Look for in a Teacher
Zhang Zhao Dong's Bagua
  -- By Dr. Kenneth Fish
Pi Quan "Splitting Fist"
Zuan Quan "Drilling Fist"
Beng Quan "Crushing Fist"
Pao Quan "Pounding Fist"

-- By Felipe Bido
Chicken Form "Ji Xing"
Liuhe Chicken Step
Tiger Form "Hu Xing"
Eagle Form "Ying Xing"
Bear Form "Xiong Xing"
Bear Shoulders "Xiong Bang"
Combined Bear/Eagle Form

-- Other
Connected Fist: Lianhuan

-- Old Masters
Sun Lutang, Wang Shujin
Honan Xinyi Liuhe Quan
Baguazhang Masters
Deng Fuxing Flash Gallery

-- Events/teachers of today
Visit from Dr. Kenneth Fish
Gong Zhongxiang demo
Zhongxiang & Students
2000 Chang Sanfeng Festival